How to Add a Vertical Line to a Horizontal Bar Chart

Calculating the Average Value

We want to add an average value line to the chart, so we need to build a new series. In an empty space on the spreadsheet, add values for 0 (zero) and 1. To the right, calculate the average of all the sales figures. In the example, the calculation will be as follows:


See the image below for reference:

Average Value Calculation

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24 thoughts on “How to Add a Vertical Line to a Horizontal Bar Chart

  1. Great guide, thanks so much. I had almost given up on being able to make the report in Excel the way I’d been asked to!

    1. Hi Bilo!

      The article is broken up into steps to make it easier to follow (it’s very long otherwise!). Please click on the link to page 2 at the bottom or go to step 2 in the Quick Navigation box at the top to get to the next step in the process!

  2. Bilo:

    No, it’s not just you. At the top of the page in the “Quick Navigation Box” there are links to several pages. The first, “1. Building a Basic Horizontal Bar Chart” shows how to create a chart. In order to add a horizontal line, you need to go through all of the links, from 1 to 5.

  3. This is really.. Been pulling my hairs to combine a horizontal bar and line chart for a long long time.. Thanks for sharing

  4. hi, currently, i’m using your method to have 2 lines to have a “selected area”. do you know if its possible to do a box instead of 2 lines? thank you

  5. Great post. Not at all obvious or easy, but however you worked it out, well done, and thank you for sharing.

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