How to Combine (Concatenate) Data from Multiple Rows into One Cell

Building the List Check Helper Column

Now we have a set of lists for each Make, but we need to know which one has all the Model items inside. It will always be the one in the last row of each Make, but how do we look for this? Using another helper column, of course!

In the next available column (column D in our example), title the second helper column Check. This is where we will find out which lists are complete.

In the first row of data (D2 in this example), write the following formula:


Check Last Formula

This IF function compares the value in the Make column of the current row to the Make cell in the next row. If they are the different, it marks the cell as “Last” to indicate that it is the complete list for that Make. If they are the same, it leaves the cell blank.

Once the formula is entered, select its cell and drag from the lower right corner down to the end of the worksheet. This will again copy the formula down the sheet, changing the cell references inside the formula along the way.

The end result will be a column of blank cells with the last (complete) row of each Make marked “Last“.

Check Last Result