About Excel Tactics

You may not realize it, but Excel is probably the most powerful application you will ever use! It can turn complicated calculations and mountains of data into valuable insights that you can use to get answers and solve problems. As with any powerful program, it can also get confusing, and that’s where ExcelTactics comes in!

Here, you’ll master the formulas and commands that can help you tease the information you need from your data. You will learn the tips and tricks that can turn hours of manual work into minutes of automated bliss. And I’ll show you how to use Excel to solve problems you didn’t even know it could!

Who am I?

Andrew Roberts PortraitMy name is Andrew Roberts. I’ve been using Excel for over a decade in my academic work and in my work as a financial analyst and a business consultant. It has been my experience that knowing how to use this single program can mean the difference between easy success and massive frustration, whether you are a student of statistics or a manager in business. I started Excel Tactics in order to share what I have learned and help people like you make Excel work for you, instead of the other way around. I studied Economics in undergrad, I have an MBA from the University of Washington, and I work as a business consultant in the Seattle area of Washington state.

If you have questions or comments about Excel Tactics, I’d love to hear from you at [email protected].